A cooperative is an organization that is owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its products, supplies or services. Cooperatives are formed to meet the specific objectives of members, and are structured to adapt to member’s changing needs. Working together as a group, members find they can accomplish more collectively than they could individually.

The benefits of belonging to cooperatives include:

  • Access to quality supplies and services at reasonable costs

  • Increased visibility and leverage in the marketplace

  • Share in earnings based on use of co-op

  • Effective political action

  • Enhance local economy through services and job creation

An overview of cooperative advantages:

  • Not for profit (profit is made for the members)

  • Equal voice of members/shareholders

  • Special tax treatment (sometimes)

  • Limited liability for members/shareholders

  • Exempt from Blue Sky laws

  • Improved marketing of member products or services


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