Neihart Store Cooperative

The Neihart Store has incorporated into a cooperative and members have elected a board of directors to govern the business.  The board is currently planning to buy the Neihart Inconvenience Store from current owners, Royal and Nancy Westerveldt.

Neihart Inconvenience StoreThe Westerveldts first opened the store in 2008, stocking it with essential items for all who reside and pass through Neihart. The store has also become a popular place for people to grab a beverage, chat and meet for community events. During the summer months, the store has hosted several Saturday evening community pot lucks. These events have united the very diverse community of full and part-time residents.


(406) 727-1517
12 3rd Street NW, Suite #110
P.O. Box 3027
Great Falls, Montana 59403



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